Overcoming Intimidation


  1. Satan uses intimidation because it doesn’t require anything of him (v.4-11).
    • What response should believers have to giant problems? (Numbers 13:33; 14:6-8)
    • What happens to us when we focus on intimidating problems?
  2. When David looked to the living God, intimidation lost its power (v.26, 36f).
    • What power does intimidation have with a devoted worshiper of God?
    • What assurance was available to David? (I Samuel 16:12-13)
    • What assurance does God’s word give us?
  3. Satan has no power against a devoted worshiper of God (v.45).
    • What will help us to look to God instead of looking to intimidating problems?
    • What will motivate us to the practice of consistent, devoted worship?
  4. Jesus gave us reason and ability to overcome intimidation (Hebrews 2:14-15).
    • How does it help us to know that Satan has lost his power over our lives?
    • How consistently are you overcoming Satan’s attempts to intimidate you?
  5. We have been called to overcome (James 4:6-7).
    • How do we have the added advantage of knowing that it is not a fair fight?
    • Are you living with the assurance of knowing that it is not a fair fight?

Call to Action: To overcome intimidation with joyous assurance.


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