Seeing Cornelius

ACTS 10:1-48

  1. Cornelius was a pre-covenant believer (v. 1-8).
    • How do we see sincere seekers who are not yet born in Christ?
    • How can we encourage sincere seekers to continue their search?
  2. Peter had to be persuaded to see Cornelius as a potential brother (v.9-23).
    • What mental gyrations did Peter have to make to receive Gentiles?
    • What mental gyrations do we need to make to give our attention to potential brothers?
  3. Peter had to overcome uncomfortable feelings so he could be obedient (v.24-27).
    • What was it like to walk with Gentiles or to enter their house?
    • What will help us want to spend our time in the presence of seeking souls?
  4. Peter saw eager hearts listening to God’s message (v.28-42).
    • How did Peter react to non-Christian behavior?
    • What lessons do we need to teach with our lips?
    • What lessons do we need to teach with our lives?
  5. The Holy Spirit had to finish the lesson that Peter hesitated to give (v.43-48).
    • What did God do when Peter hesitated to invite them?
    • What should we do when we catch ourselves being hesitant?

Call to Action: To clearly see and genuinely bless sincere seekers.


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