The Lifestyle of Hope

ROMANS 15:1-4

  1. Everything written before was for our learning so we can have hope (v.4).
    • What lessons have we usually taught from this verse?
    • Why is context so important to the study of scripture?
  2. The context of verse 4 begins with helping the weak (v.1).
    • Since the paragraph begins with helping the weak, what can we learn from the past?
    • How can early writings show us not to please ourselves?
  3. The context of verse 4 continues with us blessing our neighbors (v.2).
    • How does this assignment apply to what was written before?
    • How are we allowing the whole of scripture to move us to love our neighbors?
  4. The context of verse 4 calls us to the humble behavior of Christ (v.3).
    • By the time of Romans, what have Mark and possibly Matthew already done?
    • So, what is the central reason for us to learn from the word of God?
    • What is the difference between ‘learning to know’ and ‘learning to become?’
  5. If we live this lifestyle of Christ, then we have hope (v.1-4).
    • What is the “for” there for?
    • In context, what lessons were previous scriptures supposed to teach us?
    • What prayer and request follow these verses? (v.5-7)

Call to Action: To learn the word of God so that we can live and be like Christ.


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